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Groupe Chalifour has been a family business for over 50 years. Today it consists of three companies: Diesel Expert, Energy Contact and Andina Turbomecanica, born from persistence and family leadership.

Groupe Chalifour is recognised for its expertise in the management of Turnkey projects and applied technologies.

Groupe Chalifour’s companies share their know-how and expertness with their energy-producing customers around the world to help them meet specific expectations. These will optimise the operation of thermal power plants that operate with combustion turbines and diesel engines.

Regarding sustainable development, Groupe Chalifour establishes a voluntary commitment on the socio-economic environment of thermal power plants. besides, whenever it is possible, we use local resources. We also encourage the reuse of spare parts. Refurbished spare parts have an equivalent or even longer lifetime than new spares. Not to mention that the cost of such an operation can be as low as 40% compared to the cost of a new one.

François Méciar, Martin Chalifour, Michel tremblay, Daniel Usberto